A daytrip to Derry / Londonderry

Ten things to do on your daytrip to Derry / Londonderry from Ardtara


Derry / Londonderry is a blend of history and modern life. Located just 45 minutes from Ardtara, this city offers everything from ancient city walls to the contemporary Peace Bridge. Attractions like the Bogside Murals depict its significant past, while places like the Guildhall showcase its architectural heritage. With nods to pop culture like the “Derry Girls” mural, the city provides a diverse experience, making it a worthwhile visit for those near staying at Ardtara.


Derry City Walls

Walk the historic walls that date back to the 17th century and encircle the old city. It provides an unparalleled view of the layout of the original town and a glimpse into Derry’s storied past.


Tower Museum

Located within the city’s walls, this museum offers insights into the rich history and culture of the region, including exhibits on the city’s maritime history and the Armada.


The Peace Bridge

A modern, pedestrian bridge that symbolizes unity and peace. Connecting the two sides of the River Foyle, it’s a serene place for a walk with picturesque views of the city.



An iconic building with its neo-gothic architecture. Inside, you can find stunning stained glass windows, an organ that’s over 100 years old, and an exhibition on the Plantation of Ulster.


Lunch at Browns in Town

Treat yourself to a sumptuous lunch at Browns in Town on the Strand Road. Known for its culinary excellence, it’s a perfect spot to refuel.


St Columb’s Cathedral

Constructed in the early 1600s, it’s the city’s oldest building. It holds significant historical value and is known for its beautiful architecture and the artifacts it houses.


The Bogside Murals

These powerful murals depict various political and historical events from Derry’s past. They tell stories of the city’s turbulent history, especially during the Troubles.


Museum of Free Derry

Situated in the heart of Bogside, this museum covers the civil rights era of the 1960s and the early years of the Troubles.


Siege Museum

Dedicated to the history of the 1689 Siege of Derry, this museum provides a comprehensive look at this pivotal period in the city’s history.


Derry Girls Mural

Fans of the popular TV show “Derry Girls” will recognize this mural dedicated to the series’ characters. It’s become a popular spot for selfies and a testament to the city’s modern cultural relevance.